Flash Cards with Jenna

Hi. I'm Jenna

Ref Num: 2606

I'll be teaching you your colors today

Ref Num: 2607

Do you know what this is

Ref Num: 2619

That's right Blue

Ref Num: 2621

and this is the blue car

Ref Num: 2620

You are doing well

Ref Num: 2608

This is yellow, like the Sun

Ref Num: 2609

Yes, the big ball of gas in the Sky

Ref Num: 2610

Yes, most of its engery is from hydrogen fusion

Ref Num: 2611

Very good, let's do another color

Ref Num: 2612

Can you guess what is next

Ref Num: 2623

Red, thats right

Ref Num: 2613

Red is for Apples

Ref Num: 2618

In fact, maybe I can get Mom to give me some. I am hungry

Ref Num: 2616

Ok, what is next

Ref Num: 2617

This is my brother's white and blue frog

Ref Num: 2614

I like it more than Thomas does.

Ref Num: 2615

Thanks for playing!!!

Ref Num: 2622

August, 31st 2003