Our Visit to Tombstone, 2006

Tombstone - the Town too Tough to Die

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Watch out, here comes the stage coach

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And other... Is the street dirt?

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Some old building

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Another old building

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Gunfight at the OK corral.

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The show about the gunfight

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The larger view.

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Thomas and Dad waiting for the show to start

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The cast (yes, they all did live this time)

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Entertainment in the streets - rope tricks

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...and a whip

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Many people in costume

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Jenna loved Miss Goldie's dress

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Ride them cowboy (and cowgirl)

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Hi, we are having fun looking around

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Look Mom, no hands!!!

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Gee, I sure wish we had a horse

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Whee, we are having fun. What is going on that makes them so happy?

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Dad is being a mule

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Old buildings

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Where we had a very yummy dinner

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The insdie

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More exhibits, something about saddles (Grandma would like this)

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Another old coach

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Another saddle (there were about 10)

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A Town Too Tough To Die