Family Photo Album 2002

This is the Palmer's photo album. You get to see whatever recent pictures and movies we have. The older pictures can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.

Current Info

We are now in Germany. Here are some of the things we have done.
(Actually, we have done a lot more and have pictures, we are just slow in getting them on the web)

Chrismas is here!!

This movie is a special treat for those loving cute baby's doing silly things.
If you like this video, let me know. We have been focusing on still pictures because they download faster. (It's about 350 kb)

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Jenna and the Christmas Tree
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We hope you all have a great holiday and enjoy the gifts that the Lord gives us!

A Family Volksmarch in Germany
in the town of Wolfstein.
Jenna's Birthday
Just a few pictures.
Jenna is eating us
out of house and home!.
Bath Time
for the Baby
(New Nov)
Jenna using her walker to get in trouble
(New Nov)
Miscellaneous Picts from Jun 2002
home picts
Some cute pictures (Jan-July)
Photo Shoot with Jenna in June 2002
Photo Shoot
4th of July Church Picnic. This 4th of July, the
Church has a picnic we really enjoyed.
4th of July Fireworks and Jenna

Photo Shoot with Jenna in August 2002
She is trying on her new dress
Photo Shoot
Jenna at a friends wedding
Sept 21, 2002
Friends Wedding
The Palmer family checking out
Dad's cool plane(New Dec)
family & plane
Photo shoot of Jenna
(New Dec)
photo shoot
76th Airlift Squadron's
Christmas party.(New Dec)
photo shoot

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