Family Photo Album 2003

This is the Palmer's photo album. You get to see whatever recent pictures and movies we have. The older pictures can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.

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Current Info

Its a new year with lots of stuff to do. Actually, we are not doing too much since Cristina is still getting sick with our second child. The due date is still August 20th or so. We are excited and have heard the heart beat several times. Funny thing is that Jenna gets upset with the Doctor puts the probe on mom's tummy - strange.

Highlights of 2003!!

Here is some movies of are little girls big second birthday. She is now a terrible two, but as cute a ever. We had about 35 people from the Church, my squadron and neighborhood come to her party.

We have replayed the party, especially the "Happy Birthday" song for Jenna about 50 times and she loves it ever more each time. I guess she really liked her birthday. I wish you all could have been here to share it with her.

The Happy Birthday Girl.
This is now her favorite song.
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Eating Cake
Even though Mom didn't
feel too good, she still made
a special cake for our girl!
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Jenna's Second Birthday
blow out the candle
Jenna Dressed Up
Thomas's Birth
More of Thomas's Birth
Mom and Thomas
Misc Picts of Jenna
Jenna's 2nd Hair Cut
Thomas during
Grandpa Palmer visit
Thomas's First Week

Jenna as the youngest
Clemson Cheerleader
Jenna with flashcards

Jenna making jelly
Heidelberg Family
Thomas looking cute after a bath

Christmas Photo shoot
Thomas's Baby Shower

Heidelberg Castle

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