Family Photo Album 2004

This is the Palmer's photo album. You get to see whatever recent pictures and movies we have. The older pictures can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.

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Current Info

Jenna is 3 and 1/2 years old.

She can sing the ABC song and recogninize letters. We are teaching her phonics now. She loves to have us read to her!

She enjoys playing in the parkand walking Mollie. She likes to try and help Mommy with chores so we let her feed the fish and the dog. She also sometimes sweeps up the Cheerios after Thomas gets through with them. She helps stir pancake batter too. She folds the burp cloths and puts them away. She loves to wear dresses and go to church. She can recite the Lord's Prayer and tried to pray at mealtimes sometimes. She is now an amazing little person that can have whole conversations with any adult and they can understand her! For hobbbies likes to cut paper, color, and practice stamping cards with mom.

Thomas just had his first birthday! He started crawling at 10 and 1/2 months...Check out the quick video that has just been added to the website! He has 7 teeth now (!) - 3 of which broke through at the same time a few weeks ago. He loves to eat Cheerios and bread. He is getting away from eating Gerber and now can eat peas, carrots, green beans (sometimes) and chicken. He can also say a few words. He said mommy and daddy a few weeks ago and since then has added hi, all done and ok and bye! He is big into exploring now and if we forget to close the baby gate he is in the kitchen before we know it! He is starting to stand well if we hold his hands and is trying to pull himself up. He could be walking soon! He loves his sister and smiles all the time.


A warm day in Feburary
Mom's first attempt at cutting
Jenna enjoying flowers
that Dad gave Mom.
April and Flowers
Thomas Rolls Over
Thomas's Cute Faces
Thomas and Fun
Thomas's 1st Year Birthday
Beuford, Lux Castle
Luxemburg Volksmarch
My Last Flight

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