Family Photo Album 2008

This is the Palmer's photo album. You get to see whatever recent pictures and movies we have. The older pictures can be found by following the links at the bottom of the page.

The Year's Info

Jenna will turned 8 years old. She is having a great time with homeschooling of 1st grade lessons and is a great help around the house. Jenna has started piano lessons with one of Eric's class mates, Kat Volk.

Thomas is now 4 years old and is not very shy. In fact, he can be quite bold and can talk up a storm.

Baby Anna Hudson is here and is very cute. The kids are very excited about their new baby sister.


Kids at the Park in January
Jenna's First Piano Lesson
Horseback Riding
Jenna's Birthday party
Anna's First Hours
Anna's First Days
Anna's First Week
Anna's First Month

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